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Trade Show Entertainment, Inc. provides technically innovative interactive attractions for trade shows, conventions, corporate and public events. Attractions can be exhibitor or show floor "traffic magnets," or just great entertainment for all attendees.

Snowboard Simulator

Skier freeboards or gate races while performing numerous air tricks to the sound of rock and alternative music.

Golf Simulator

This Hi-Tech golf simulator is used to run $10,000 Hole-in-One contests on par 3 holes at world famous courses. Each contestant receives five swings. Contestants that are 10 feet or closer to the pin qualify for the end of the day "Shoot Out."

Ski Simulator

Contestants experience the "rush" of speeding down the slopes with the wind whistling past them as they ski through the gates of challenging race courses.

Motion Simulator

This 12-passenger futuristic capsule runs animated video programs with mild to aggressive motion that simulates thrilling races, rides and educational journeys.

NASCAR Simulator

Participants race in an official full size retired NASCAR vehicle that has been outfitted with simulation video and motion equipment.

Extreme Alpine Dome

Experience the excitement of two alpine simulators under the blue sky of this futuristic dome.

Climbing Wall

This four position rigid 24 foot wall provides the ultimate climbing challenge. Each station represents varying degrees of difficulty, for beginners to accomplished climbers and everyone in between.

Golf Driving Range

This three station "Hi-Tech" driving range is equipped with radar devices that measure the speed and trajectory of the ball to calculate the distance traveled.

Long Putt Contest

Everyone putts from a qualifying distance of 60 feet. There is a "Putt-Off" before the end of the event. The winner of the "Putt-Off" gets one opportunity to putt from 90 feet and win the grand prize. The grand prize can be $10,000, an automobile, a motor cycle, etc.

Soccer Field

This indoor soccer field is well equipped with lined Astro Turf, perimeter netting, and goals.

Sports Speed Contests

Attendees compete for speed and accuracy using official major league equipment. There are contests for baseball, soccer, hockey and football.

Double Shot Basketball

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Nascar Simulator

Motion Simulator

Golf Simulator