Motion Simulator Ride Rental

3D Motion Theater

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This 12-passenger futuristic capsule runs animated video programs displayed on a 65" Plasma HDTV. Mild to aggressive motion for thrilling Action Simulations and Product Promotional Videos. Heart pounding action keeps riders on the edge of their seat.

Motion Simulator Top Rated Feature Programs:

  • Glacier Run - Bobsled ride through the frozen arctic
  • Astro Canyon Coaster - A wild ride through a canyon in outer space
  • Volcano Mine Ride - Dangerous ride through bubbling lava & hot gases
  • Your Promotional Video

Promotional Opportunities:

Client provided videos can be used for new product introductions. Mobile marketing campaigns are available using a dedicated trailer.

Space requirements: 20 foot wide by 18 foot deep

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- Jill Palmer - Executive Vice President & COO
Network Events, Inc.