Indoor Golf Driving Range

long_putt.jpgThis three station "Hi-Tech" indoor driving range is equipped with radar devices that measure the speed and trajectory of the ball to calculate the distance traveled.

We can run exciting "Grip It & Rip It" Long Drive contests. Each indoor driving range contestant has eight swings.

After each drive the distance is displayed at the tee area for the contestant and on a large digital display for the spectators. There are separate contests for both men and women. This indoor driving range can also be used as a place for attendees to just hit the ball and have some fun.

Indoor Golf Driving Range Features:

  • Safety - Aluminum trusses support 16 foot high netting on the sides, back and top. There is an extra layer of heavy duty netting at the back where the balls hit.
  • Equipment - We supply the contestants with drivers that are manufactured using the latest design techniques and materials.

Promotional Opportunities:

Huge (up to 30 foot wide by 4 foot high) banners can be hung at the top of the back netting. Banners can also be hung along the inside or outside of the side netting.

Indoor golf driving range space requirements: 30 foot wide by 40 foot deep

View and Print (pdf version): Indoor Golf Driving Range

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